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Advantage Travel offers comprehensive access to all hotels, lodges, resorts, camps (sites), cottages, et al located throughout Kenya, East Africa and indeed the entire World.
Through key travel programmes we offer our clients competitive rates in many hotels in key business destinations within the region. In addition we use all the available sources of information on hotel availability to meet our client's needs. Over time we have been able to offer attractive hotel stopover rates by careful co-ordination of reservations for flights and accommodation.
Where you or your organization has access to special rates with hotels either as a partner or in its own right, we adopt these rates for all reservations made through the agency if they are lower than the rate we would usually offer at the establishment. Due account is always taken of automatic room up-grades available to either the organization or our organization to determine the best value for money.
Our Hotel Program offers our clients specially negotiated, lower-than-corporate rates at fine hotel properties in Kenya, East Africa, U.K, U.S.A, Dubai, China, Europe and all other parts of the world. This is available to all our clients whether they are traveling on business or leisure.